Precious Moments

We drove away from Branson and the beautiful green and rock hills of the Ozarks and the land got flatter and more agricultural. We started seeing more corn fields, something the midwest has a lot of. Goodbye to The South, it was fun to get to know you!


We didn't really want to leave Branson so quickly, it promised so much fun. So before we left town we played a little at one of the many attractions on the strip.

The next few days are largely transit days for us. We have plans to spend quality time in South Dakota and Wyoming in the waning days of the trip, so we have a lot of miles to cover. No more dawdling.

But wait, what is this Precious Moments Chapel? We can dawdle for another hour.

We arrived too late to visit the museum, so we went through the park to the chapel. I think it is easy to make fun of these figurines and drippingly sweet paintings, but clearly it touches some people. There are letters reprinted on the walls from people who were suffering some great pain but who were able to find healing here. God works in mysterious ways.

We left at closing time. It was a pleasant visit.

Further north we stopped in Rich Hill to get our picture taken inside Big Mouth