Spin Out

I had so much fun today! I played lazer tag for the first time ever! I had so much fun. I came in third, after Uncle Wes, and before Sarah Michael. We also did bumper boats.

The goal was to get the least wet. I think I won, solely because I figured out how to shoot at a close range. (I will not tell you, for it is my own little secret. MUAHAHAHAHAH) 


We even went go-cart racing! There was this insane mean driver guy who spun me out and really messed up my neck. I can't look up without looking like a turtle. So, naturally, I ran him into the side. I hope he feels bad, because I DON'T!!!! 

We also went to the Precious Moments chapel. I love Precious Moments, and I was on the verge of tears the whole time, especially in the chapel. I loved seeing how many lives these little, Christian based figurenes have changed for the better. The chapel was so amazing, my whole childhood came flooding back to me. Which wasn't all that long ago. But that means I remember more. 

Can't wait for more precious moments in our trip.