Not the actual Woodhenge

Last summer we visited Carhenge in Nebraska, and earlier this year we saw the Maryhill Stonehenge above the Columbia River. So when I read that we would be driving by Woodhenge just north of Kansas City, I set it as our GPS destination.

To be fair, Roadside America says Woodhenge is "Vandal-Ravaged", and the guy at the park entrance wasn't sure it was worth photographing. Still, we were there, so let's check it out!

It is a sad, sad thing.

Let's focus on the positive: Smithville Lake Park, which hosts what used to be Woodhenge, is beautiful. It is large and well maintained, and has what looks to be an interesting disc golf course.

On our way in the gate guy asked us to let him know what we think. So on the way out we reported back that it is a sad thing. He said he'd imagined anyone who had seen "the actual Woodhenge in England" would be disappointed. He's right about that.