Zipping on the Lines

Today Aunt Jessie and I went zip lining!


I had so much fun and I learned I am rather good at it! "How is one good or bad at zip lining?" 

I will get to that.

So there were twelve lines to cover in two hours. It was enjoyable, yet super sweaty, but quick. It went so fast because there were only six of us, including a woman celebrating her 70th birthday with her 25 year old grandson. 

Even starting out, I found I was good at zip lining. Although I spun a few times, I always seemed to come in forwards and gracefully, earning me the nicknames (throughout the duration of the trip) Tinker Bell, Butterfly, Paper Clip, and I left as Peanut. Aunt Jessie on the other hand, was part of the DBC a.k.a The Dirty Butt Club. Every time, with the exception of a neck whiplash her behind was stuck in the dirt.  

It was hilarious! 

Almost as hilarious as me falling off the sky trail. That was an adventure.  

All in all, it was an incredible experience.

Afterward: hot, dirty and sweaty.

Afterward: hot, dirty and sweaty.