Fabulous Pumpkins

After the zip lines, we went to an old-school bath house here in Hot Springs, AK. The experience started off in a fancy elevator with grates as the doors. We then went to change into swim suits if we so desired. I desired. As did Aunt Jessie and Sarah Michael. (Notice how I did not mention Uncle Wes...)

We were then led to the baths. Which was not at all what I had expected. There is a small room with a whirlpool bath tub, where you soak for half an hour. After the bath, you are laid down on a massage table-like table where you are draped with hot and cold towels. 

Then the steam cupboard. It is a literal cupboard. More of a glorified box, really. With a hole for your head. After that, we sat in a sitz bath, a sink for your butt, for about 15 minutes. And then for the rinse off shower.

I. Need. The. SHOWER!!! Omigoodness! On all side you are squirted by water!  Like so:


After the shower, Aunt Jessie and I got our toes done! During all of this, Uncle Wes and Sarah Michael were getting pedicures.

Keep in mind that Uncle Wes wanted to go for the whole experience.  Now his toes look like sassy pumpkins.



Needless to say, today was a good day.