Alpine and Slide don't Ryhme

I had the greatest experience today! I love trying new things, especially when they contain the words "alpine" and "slide." That's right! It was the Alpine Slides in Utah for us, and I, contrary to popular belief (popular meaning mine) you cannot fly out of the flying death sled on wheels.

We also went on a wonderful little roller coaster where you are in complete control. Hehe, funny story about that. I was having so much fun! Wind on my braids, the sun kissing my face, hurtling along at such a pace that, if I should happen to stop quickly I would fly forward, only to be caught in the seat belt that I somehow managed to fasten around my legs and get stuck in only to rip my legs out at the last second, completly squishing my...ahem...chest area in the process, and then slamming my head rather painfully against the headrest. And how, may you ask, did I explain this in so perfect,  excruciating detail? 

it is exactly what I did. 

In other news today, cows and sheepies populate faster than the adorable little marmots we saw at the slides.