Adventures at the Great Salt Lake

Today we went to the salt lake. I know what you are thinking, "What a great and wonderful and lovely smelling experience!" But it wasn't. It was great, but that's about the only good-ish part. It's not good that is is great. Great is big. So there are miles and miles of great, fould, stinking, flea ridden wasteland that just happened to contain polluted water. And shoes weren't allowed on the lake then in the RV. So we, regrettably were walking miles and miles in bare feet! But that isn't even the best part. The best part, the birds. Dead bird. Hundreds of them. Everywhere! You couldn't take five steps without almost stepping on one! And in bare feet, stepping on a bird's bones and half-rotted carcass in bare, salty, mud-caked feet. But the temple sort of thing was pretty, and, from afar, it was kind of nice. When you look past the poop smell. And the stink of urine. And stale DEATH! On a happier note, SM and I drove on the salt flat. It was pretty great driving practice. Sarah Michael got up to a whopping 50 miles per hour. So proud! And I got up to -ahem- 70 miles per hour *polishes nails on shirt* But, despite the poor birds being left to slowly deteriorate into carrion, today was rather enjoyable.