The Big Easy

I have been having so much fun since we got to Louisiana. It started with Ray and Annie, a wonderful couple with such happiness, and continued onto New Orleans.

The dat started with a huge rainstorm. I mean huge! The raindrops were as big as marbles! It was truly incredible. After that cleared up, it was adventure after adventure in the French Quarter.

We had incredible beniegts....bengais.....begnats? French donuts at a lovely coffee shop by the name of Café De Monde. They we miraculous!

After walking and looking and buying a little, we stopped for gumbo for lunch. It was so thick, there was no way I could fit it into my stomach! 

Quick word of upper blocks of Boubon St! It is sketchy without six gentleman's clubs in a row! Why are they even called "Gentlemen's Clubs?" The men going there are obviously far from gentlemen. Why not in blazing, neon letters, the words, "Come In To Cheat On Your Wives!" or "Do Your Wives Know You're Here?" or even, "Calling All D-bags Desperate For Human Interaction!" 

But the most fun was not the mule-drawn carriage tour, not the Hurricane Catrina wreckage, but back at the campsite, at the restaurant, laughing with my family, watching fish jump and an amazing sunset.