Close Encounters

Into Wyoming we go!

I count this the 16th state we've been in.

I count this the 16th state we've been in.

It was a little sad to leave South Dakota. We like it there a lot. But we need to continue towards home, and we have a couple more stops to look forward to.

The last couple of RV trips we have gone kinda near Wyoming's Devil's Tower but we haven't been able to stop because it was just a little too far out of our way. So this time we made a point to make it a destination.

The road is a fun place to meet friends, and it turns out a good friend from Seattle was in the area so he joined us for lunch.


The young girls haven't seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and to them this is just another rock, but I was excited to finally see it.

We were planning to make a few hours further down the road but I pooped out in Buffalo.

Dinner at the historic  Occidental Saloon .

Dinner at the historic Occidental Saloon.

After the wind and rain waking us at 1 am, we're hoping for no storms tonight.