Trail run in Durango

I wanted to run in Durango, it is such a beautiful town and it has biking/running/walking paths all over. However, when our rafting guide heard I wanted to run on the cool bridges on that cross the river he suggested trail running on Animas Mountain. That's where he likes to run.

I liked this idea, especially the challenge of it. The high altitude of (6,512 feet) combined with running to the top of a plateau seemed like it would be hard. It was! I walked way too much of the way up, it had a lot of steep. But I had fun.

While running down I did encounter a deer on the trail. He looked cool but by the time I had my phone out to take a picture he had run a little way off. But I was able to get some crappy video of him by zooming way in.

Was a fun time. I am grateful to our river guide for the suggestion.