Starting East

June 23 was largely a travel day to get us towards our next 3-nighter in Durango, CO that starts June 24. We didn't know where we were going to stay, but we knew we wanted Monument Valley and the Four Corners to be involved in the 2-day journey.


We left Ruby's but not without incident. As we were packing up to go the septic system overflowed! Tim, in the neighboring site, was emptying his gray-water tank into his sewer and the connected system caused our septic connection to become a stinky fountain. It happens. 

Outside of Kanab, Utah we stumbled upon a roadside attraction called Moqui Cave.


But it was nothing too special. The "cave" features dinosaur footprints (seen behind us on either side of the teepee),


rocks that glow under black light,


plus– an Elvis Presley driver license! Jessie felt ripped off by the experience. I don't blame her. Wikipedia explains that Moqui Cave isn't a cave at all. It was dug out as a sand mine. The guide who took our $16 failed to mention this. Still, it was something to see.


We passed the southern tip of Lake Powell and saw some houseboats cruising around. How much fun would that be to do on a vacation?

It doesn't look big in this picture, because you're only seeing  a little bit of the bottom .

It doesn't look big in this picture, because you're only seeing a little bit of the bottom.

We stopped at the Navajo National Monument and saw a cave dwelling from the observation stand across the valley. This settlement dates back to the 1200s.

Just a short ways before our stop near Monument Valley we stopped in Kayenta, AZ to see an exhibit honoring The code talkers of World War II.

We stayed at a cool RV park nestled among the red rocks just a few miles from Monument Valley

After dinner we went for a walk up among the rocks. Afterward we washed the dogs' feet and our own. The red dust was quite foot-magnetic.