Four states in one day

Today was a long transit day, getting us away from the northwest and closer to what we feel like is the real start to our vacation. In all we drove 600 miles and traveled for about 12.5 hours.

We left Washington, cut across Oregon, went through Idaho and ended up in Nevada. Everyone did great.

In Twin Falls, Idaho we stopped and walked out onto the Perrine Bridge. It was super windy.

Then we stopped for dinner at Culver's, a fast food restaurant chain we discovered last year. Their burgers are delicious and their frozen custard amazing.

In Nevada we hit a storm, and it was a little freakish since it was snowing!


The road was covered with a slushy layer and a car had gone off the road. We flagged down an Elko County Sheriff deputy to let him know about the accident. Was very exciting.

And then after a few miles we were back in the sunshine.

driving silhouette

driving silhouette

It was a good day and went by fairly quickly considering we were on the road for a very long time and didn't stop to enjoy many attractions. Tomorrow we enter Utah!