First day's drive

We are on our way!

We left our house at 12:30 this afternoon after Sarah Michael's last day of school. Sarah Michael's cousin Tessa joined us and we hit the road.


Today's drive was pretty easy, our plan was only to go as far as the Tri Cities. After passing Ellensburg we followed directions found on for a scenic route to Yakima.

Then we stopped in Zillah for gas and also visited the Teapot Dome Service Station.


Continuing east we stopped in Granger WA, which apparently has a real excitement for dinosaurs.

The public bathroom is dressed up like a volcano!


Before long we were at our destination in Burbank. As we were hooking up there was a number of claps of thunder. The day actually went by really fast!  


It was an easy first day. Tomorrow we continue east and south towards Idaho.