Don't trust the Mexican food!

While going on a road trip...don't trust the Mexican food. Usually, if it looks all cool and authentic and "Ooh let's go in the food won't take 45 minutes to get here and then taste like plastic!" the food will usually take 45 minutes to get there and taste like plastic. Not fun.

It. Is. Hot. We are in Texas. Yeah...last night at 8:00? Uh-huh. It was 84 degrees outside. Right now it isn't too bad, it's only 77 degrees. Not bad for a nice afternoon. It is 10 in the morning. If the sun wasn't so obnoxiously bright, I would be sleeping right now!

Yesterday, while driving through Texas, we stopped to let the dogs go potty. We all ended up chilling under a sprinkler. But we got a picture next to the huge roadrunner, which was cool. But fearing for my life due to three border patrol cars was not.

I don't know about you, but I do not want to be slain by the Mexican Mofia. Preferably I would like to die at the hands of firing squad, old age, or valiantly battling a dragon. But in New Mexico, despite the heat, my best friend who just so happens to be my cousin, and I did have time to make good experiences, courtesy of Target.