Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, we learned today, is not actually a canyon since a canyon is formed by a river and, well, Bryce wasn't formed that way. I don't remember the rest. I'm sure Wikipedia has lots of great info if you're interested.


Bryce is pretty, though in my opinion it is hard to take a picture that doesn't look like every other picture of Bryce Canyon.


Truthfully, Jessie and I weren't feeling a big affinity for this place. We were reminded of our experience at the Grand Canyon where we drove from overlook to overlook and after a few they all started to look the same. So we bailed back to the RV. The girls read books and gabbed. Jessie did laundry. I however, decided to go back to the park and hike a trail that another camper had recommended. I am glad I did.


This worked well for me. I wanted to go for a run today anyway, so a hike with possible trail running involved appealed.


The trails lower down are really where Bryce is at. I can hear some you saying, "Yeah, duh." Ok, you are and were right. I guess needed to learn for myself.


And I did run for most of it.

I ran from Sunrise Point, around the Navajo Loop to Sunset Point. It was short but hard enough for me to make for a real struggle at the end. Thankfully as I was struggling and walking up the last switchbacks some other guy walked quickly/ran slowly past me. So I chased him. And at the top I thanked him for motivating me.

I'm really glad I went for my "hike", it really gave me the proper perspective on this place and how to better enjoy similar places in the future.