Bad Bad Land

We visited South Dakota's Badlands National Park for the first time last year and it immediately became one of the highlights of our trip. We were excited to have an opportunity to see it again.

Last time we rolled through this area we skipped one of the popular attractions in the nearby town of Wall. So this time we made a point to drive to the famous Wall Drug.

Wall Drug's story of success is good, we had never heard it before. Ted and his wife Dorothy were struggling to get customers into their recently-acquired store when Dorothy had the brainstorm to start offering free ice water. Within a year they were super busy. Today Wall Drug is an attraction all by itself.

Wall Drug is  huge .

Wall Drug is huge.

Food is adequate.

Food is adequate.

We were rather surprised to see that there is actually a drug store here!

We were rather surprised to see that there is actually a drug store here!

As tourist traps go, this is a good one. At least for one visit. We enjoyed an adequate lunch then walked around the store a little and shopped. The place is entertaining, if only for the spectacle of the place. We're glad we went, but we may not need to go back.

Then we drove back into the Badlands.


Everyone I have met who has been agrees that the Badlands is amazing. Others have heard that it is amazing. Then there are people like Tessa who haven't heard of it and don't know anything about it. If you are in this third category I apologize, I will not be able to fully convey to you how cool Badlands National Park it. Every time I took a photo I looked at the screen with a frown because it doesn't do the park justice.

After lunch it was hot, so the girls went back to swim in the pool at the RV park. While Jessie brought them and the dogs back to camp, I ran along the Castle Trail from Saddle Pass to the Window and Door trails. It was hard. I am glad I did it, but more-spectacular views can be had on the road. Maybe I should have turned left instead?

Jessie met me at the end of the trail and after a look at the views we explored more of the park in the Jeep. I hope you enjoy the video.

I would like to come back again some day and spend more time here. There's much to see and explore.