To Love is something your Heart feels

Today we took in a tour of one of the historical plantations in the area. There are many to choose from, we went to one of the less-traveled: the Evergreen Plantation.

Another of the tour guests ended up talking with Jessie and Tessa about her life growing up in the 1950s in Mississippi. She was an amazing woman and I am grateful she tolerated my camera. Please read Tessa's telling, it was special to see so much love and teaching pour from this kind soul. 


Afterward we had a delicious lunch. Hush puppies, crab, aligator burgers, Muffuletta burger, were all somewhere on the table. If you end up visiting one of the plantations in this part of Louisiana we can recommend you enjoy lunch at B&C Seafood Market & Cajun Deli.

Then we looked briefly at one of the popular plantations, Oak Alley. We weren't up for another full tour, and we weren't up for paying $20+$20+$6+$6 just to enter and walk around, so instead we took our pictures of the "alley" from the road. That was all we really wanted to see anyway.

It ended up being a much more special day than we expected. There are amazing people in this world. This trip has been such a blessing to allow us to meet some of them.