Holy Hot Batman!!!

Okay so I know that it is raining at home and it may appear that I am complaining.  However, at this point in our travels I would do anything for rain. 

We started this morning in Albuquerque where it was 85 degrees at 9:30 am. We ended the day in Carlsbad where is was 107 at 7:45 when we rolled into the KOA.  It is currently 10:10 as I write this.  It is 85 outside and 82 inside our RV ( with the AC going full blast ). Lord help us as we continue south.  

I must add that in the heat of the day we found Lincoln, NM. Home of some pretty crazy old west gun fights. It is the place where Billy the Kid was but in jail only to shoot the two deputies and escape.   


This is the bullet hole created by Billy the Kid when he killed the first deputy.