Any and Every Adventure

Well, it all started in Zion, while hiking in the Narrows (which is FUN!!! Just btws) with dorky shoes and Gandalf Staffs. And then the real adventure began. At this moment, we are in Bryce National Park. It is so much fun! It's really, stunningly beautiful.

Earlier today, we went on a long....a little too long....trail ride. It was long and beautiful and horsies and dust and allergies GAH!

But yesterday.....ah....that blissful wish we call Yesterday. Especially when there is a boy involved. A bull-ridin', trail-ridin', and Stetson-wearin' cowboy. Who is attractive. And funny. And seventeen. AhrekdkfjhdebuoygaerfjhergfkjhdegafjhrbcjkhbrghvLIFEE!  

But we did go ATVing for an hour and a half. Uncle Wes and I were illegal. We went off-road and went above the speed limit and did donut holes! Very entertaining! 

And then there was the cow.  Who talked me into that one? Guess. Just guess. Yep, I'm afraid it was my cowboy, Taylor George. At first I though it would be a cute little kid parade. But no. I could have DIED! It was exhilarating.

Now onto the four corners!